Mentoring for success!

Inspired Vision Refinement and Renewal.

Marketing the Message.

using to Make the Information & Technology Overload Work for You.

It’s All About People - Jo
b Fullfillment Engages the Team.

Resourcing a Power Beyond
Yourself to Fullfill Your Assignment.
Find, Evaluate, And Fund, Life Improvement Ventures.

Humanitarian – Relief, Rehab, Development. AIDS Recovery, Senior Care, Super Foods.

A Better World To Live in:
Biofuel, Waste Disposal, Alternative Energy, Alternative Medicines & Supplements, Microenterprise.

Creative Social Improvement Ventures:
Affordable Housing for the disadvantaged.
When the challenge is holistic resourcing of global needs it can only be accomplished by the Synergy in:

The Leveraging of Partnership and Alliances.

The Multiplication and Productivity of Networking.

The list of our partnering organizations & affiliates, in the ENVOY NETWORK is expanding monthly, and our goal is to reach over 100 within the next year.
To submit a Consulting Request or Project - contact us at: with an Executive Summary ONLY.
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